BMe Community Call for Stories 2018

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

BMe Community | Call for Stories 2018 

Program Outline

BMe Community is currently accepting applications of black men who are social entrepreneurs, innovators and difference-makers in greater Akron, Louisville, Miami, or Pittsburgh.  Top applicants will receive national recognition as BMe Leaders, a $10,000 grant, local recognition and travel to Washington DC to be inducted into a lifelong fellowship of their peers.

Here's what we're looking for:

Tell us your story of a personal challenge you've overcame, a moment that changed everything, or what deeply motivates you to do remarkable things for your community.  BMe will score candidates on the remarkability of their stories, authenticity, willingness to work with others, community engagement, and diversity of age and fields. BMe is especially interested in those who work to improve health, wealth, know-how and community.

There are over 190 BMe Leaders including men like:

  • Akron BMe Leader Denny Wilson whose faith led him to become a source of hope and help by founding FI Community Housing to house and serve men and women newly freed from prison. It is now Ohio's largest peer oriented and operated drug recovery community organization.
  • Miami BMe Leader Derick Pearson who co-founded BlackTech Weekend with his wife Felecia Hatcher to increase the number of startup founders, technology executives and engineers of color. Both are venture-backed entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Philadelphia BMe Leader Nehemiah Davis who at 19-years-old created a volunteer foundation which has engaged hundreds of volunteers in feeding and educating over 40,000 of their neighbors for nine years since.
  • Pittsburgh BMe Leader Jasiri X who uses his award-winning skills as a hip hop artist, educator and social activist to engage his 40,000+ mostly-millennial social media followers and fellow artists in local and national causes.

Honorees MUST be available for the entire weekend of May 3 - May 6, 2018 for induction. If you cannot be available then you cannot be selected. Applicants must live or work in one of the stated metro areas.
BMe Community Call for Stories 2018